Ashish Kankal

Master's Student at IISc

About Me

I am currently pursuing my M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Science. I have completed by B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Government College of Engineering, Amravati in 2017.
I have 3+ years work experience and have worked on both frontend and backend technologies. Currently, I am working on the area of program analysis of distributed applications as my M.Tech major project

Research Work

Static Analysis framework for Actor-based programming models

June 2021 - Ongoing
Indian Institute of Science
Actor-based programming frameworks like Akka are becoming popular due to their ease of communication via message passing without sharing the state and better concurrency models. But there are challenges in detecting bugs that arise due to message-delivery failures and delays, so there is a need to design a framework to analyze the actor model statically.


M. Tech - Computer Science and Engineering

October 2020 - Present
Indian Institute of Science

B. Tech - Computer Science and Engineering

August 2013 - March 2017
Government College of Engineering, Amravati

HSC (10+2) - PCM + Computer Science

August 2011 - April 2013
Pune University

AISSE (10th)

March 2011
School of Scholars, Akola

Work Experience

Worked as Software Development Consultant

April 2019 - September 2020 (SwiftAce Inc.)
Worked on Collections, Markdown Rendering, Cell level commenting, Diff rendering using nbdime, profile overview using React.js and Flask Key Responsibilities: Frontend development, Backend development, Code Reviews Technologies Used: Next.js(React), Flask(Python), Tailwind(CSS), Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Firebase

Worked as Software Engineer (Dev)

June 2017 - March 2019
Bizsense Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur
Worked on a US based Payroll management product as a part of the development team. Key responsibilities were frontend development from the wireframes provided by the design team, API integration, Code reviews, CI/CD etc.Technologies Used : React.js, Redux, HTML, CSS Bootstrap, VS Code, Azure DevOps, GIT, Adobe Photoshop


Cab Hailing Application using Docker - Kubernetes

March 2021 - June 2021
Principles of Distributed SystemsIndian Institute of Science
Developed a distributed REST API application using Spring Boot framework and PostgreSQL and used Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration. Used horizontal pod auto-scaler to scale the pods automatically based on the runtime load. Also developed the same application based on actor model using Akka framework in Java

Application Level Ballooning in Linux Kernel

March 2021 - June 2021
Operating SystemsIndian Institute of Science
Implemented the module in Linux kernel to deal with the over commitment of physical memory by operating systems to the user processes. This module implemented by adding system calls and modifying the linux kernel code to send the signal to the user process and receive pages to balance the low memory if the memory assigned to the application is not completely used

Camellia and DES Cipher algorithms

October 2020 - January 2021
Computer SecurityIndian Institute of Science
Implemented the Camellia and DES Cipher algorithms into Rust to overcome the existing vulnerabilities in C programming language

Simplex Tree Data Structure

March 2021 - June 2021
Computational TopologyIndian Institute of Science
Developed the library to store simplicial complex in Python and also published as pip package

Jupyter notebook preview generator

August 2020 - September 2020
Swiftace Inc.
Worked on automated notebook preview generation using Puppeteer and deployed using Firebase cloud functions and Node.js.


  • Secured AIR 62 in GATE CS 2020 among 1 lakh students
  • Shortlisted for ISRO and BARC interviews among 10,000+ applicants in the year 2020
  • Received 1st Best Innovator Award at Bizsense Solutions Pvt. Ltd. during the year 2017-18
  • Worked as a Co-convener and led a team of 500+ people for Prajwalan’16 National level technical festival of Government College of Engineering, Amravati
  • Part of Web Designing team for various clubs & events during B. Tech at Government College of Engineering, Amravati